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Roundtable is India’s leading working group of Internet Professionals.

After successful Indore, Jaipur, New DelhiLucknow, Kolkata, Kathmandu (Nepal) & Ahmedabad meetups, gear up Chandigarh for an exclusive Internet Roundtable meeting to spread #DigitalAwareness and learn how to make money online.

The Vision behind Roundtable is to create awareness about the potential of making a living from the Internet. It supports the Digital India ecosystem by bringing experts from various Internet professions, to share, learn and grow TOGETHER!

Let’s face it, we are living in tough times. Globally, new job openings have hit rock bottom and there’s no respite for people already having jobs. Employees are hugely underpaid these days and add to that the mass layoffs happening every other month. We are literally facing an epidemic of people not earning to their potential.

While there are discussions in Developed Nations of introducing some sort of Universal Basic Income Structure. The ground reality is it’ll take relevant governments years to draft any policy of that kind.

But practically speaking, developing South East Asian countries like India and Nepal don’t have the resources to introduce such public welfare policies.

Taking into view the employment crisis in mind, the team behind Roundtable decided to form a working group of some of the most successful Internet professionals and spread knowledge of alternative career options.

It’s time we give back to society. (Please note that knowledge shared is always free, we only charge for food served to avoid commercialization!)

Our focus is presently on tier 2 & tier 3 cities in and around India. We believe, such cities often miss out on opportunities because of lack of exposure, not anymore!

See you at the Roundtable event near you 🙂